Jon Hamm as Superman?

by Nev on October 21, 2010

Jon Hamm as Superman

Now that Zack Snyder has been assigned to direct the new Christopher-Nolan-produced Superman movie, rumours have been coming from all over the place; mostly questioning possible plotlines, villains, and who might be playing the man of steel himself.

One of the more recent rumours being reported has Snyder looking for an actor aged around 35-40 to fill the red-and-blue tights, and this has lead to a number of actor recommendations coming from the fan community ( The number one pick at the moment seems to be the “Mad Man” himself: Jon Hamm (aka: Don Draper).

In honour of this proposal, I did a quick mockup to see what this might look like. Just call him “SuperHamm”.

*Addendum: I’ve noticed more hate than love in film forums for this image; in particular, calling out its imperfections. Uhhhh… let me be clear by saying less than an hour of effort went into this thing using a mish-mash of images found on the internet. It’s a mockup folks, not a final work of art. And yes, that’s the shitty Lois and Clark costume – wasn’t much to choose from.


[…] really has any shot at the project — but it’s fun to entertain the possibility. /Film reader Nevil S sent over a mock-up of Hamm in the Superman costume. While the old school threads will most likely […]

by What Would Jon Hamm Look Like as Superman? | Influence Film – movies news , film reviews, awards, film festivals. on October 22, 2010 at 10:15 am. #

So awesome! Love the SuperHamm. It’s fitting, the costume – really. I would love to see more of a retro Superman anyway. Anyway, great job Nev – this is incredible for the little work you put into it. You should post more of these types of things! You’re a Photoshop master.

by Steve on October 25, 2010 at 1:42 pm. #

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